November 4-6, 2018 || Harrah's Resort Atlantic City


LCT/NLA East has pulled out all the stops this year to bring you all-new Excursions to round out your experience!

*separate fees apply. purchase tickets when registering

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Separate Fee Required

Tour Information

Start off gliding through Old City, learning about the historical center of Philadelphia and hear stories about revolutionary times, as well as an introduction to one of Philly's most famous inventions: The Cheesesteak. You'll pass through Chinatown, marveling at the Friendship Gate and much more in this vibrant neighborhood. Then you'll take in the heart of Philadelphia's Center City: galleries, shops, theatres, hotels, and more. Take a quick pass by Jefferson Hospital - one of the first hospitals in the United States. And then head south. After a quick stop and the enchanting Magic Gardens, head on to your first cheesesteak stop - the world famous corner that's home to Pat's and Geno's.  Next head north through the historic Italian Market and back onto South Street. Stopping again for another bite and hearing about how this area became the "alternative" section of the original city. You'll then head back out, going north into the heart of Society Hill. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Society Hill boasts beautiful, classic homes. Once you come through Society Hill, you'll stop for a final cheesesteak at one of several options along Market Street, before taking in other sights of Old City and heading back.

We will make safety a high priority on your adventure, and we know you'll return with a much greater appreciate of the City of Brotherly Love by the end of your exciting Philadelphia Segway tour!


12:00pm Buses arrive outside the front of Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

1:00pm Buses depart from Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City for Philly Cheesesteak Guided Tour

2:00pm Arrival at Guided Philly Cheesesteak Tour

2:30pm-4:30pm Guided Philly Cheesesteak Tour

4:30pm Buses depart from Guided Tour for Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

5:30pm Arrival back at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

Duration: 2 hours (plus 30 minutes registration and training)

Price:  $50 per person.  To sign up, click to go to the LCT EAST registration tabMust be registered to attend the LCT EAST show.  One ticket per registrant only.

Inclusions:  Photos will be taken throughout the tour by your guide. You will receive these photos free of charge via email within 24 - 48hrs of your tour.

Tour Group Size :  Seats are limited and reserved on a first come, first served basis. Each guide can take a max of 8 riders and can send out 3 guides at a time.



  • All riders must wear a helmet (provided by Philly by Segway).
  • All riders must bring valid identification.
  • All riders must read and sign a waiver of liability.
  • All riders must complete Segway training to their guide's satisfaction.
  • Sneakers or comfortable flat closed toe shoes are recommended (no heels or flip flops).    
  • Segway riders must over 18 and must be registered to attend the LCT EAST Show. 
  • Riders must weigh between 100lbs - 300lbs.

Food & Beverage: Steak sandwiches are split in quarters at each of the five sites, and by the end of the tour, folks are usually feeling very full after eating one and a half cheesesteaks.  The idea is to come hungry! 


Note: Philly by Segway reserves the right to decline a tour to anyone. It is imperative that riders follow guide instructions for their safety and the safety of the group.

Frequently Asked Questions - Philadelphia Segway Cheesesteak Tour


Are there any restrictions or requirements for Segway riders?

Our only restrictions are that all riders must be registered to attend or exhibit at LCT EAST and weigh between 100 - 300lbs.

We highly suggest that you wear closed-toed, comfortable shoes and fall weather gear. Sneakers or athletic shoes are preferred. You will be standing for the duration of your tour.


I've never ridden a Segway before! Will I be okay?

Absolutely! Most of our riders are first-timers, so you'll be just fine. Our guides are incredibly patient and will take their time training you to make sure that you're feeling confident and secure before you head out on the road.

 When should I arrive? What is training like?

You can arrive at your scheduled tour time of 2:00pm. After signing a waiver of liability, you will watch a short training video, followed by one-on-one instruction with your guide. Helmets and radios are provided for free, as are pictures taken by your guide throughout the tour.

Training usually takes 30 minutes and then you will start your 1-hour or 2-hour Segway tour. Please allow for this extra time when planning other activities or travel around your Philly by Segway tour.

 What will my guide be like?

All of our guides are excellent, local Philly-lovers - we couldn't be #1 on TripAdvisor without them! Whoever your guide is, you're sure to have a fantastic time, hear incredible stories and history, feel safe and confident, and make a new friend.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

The Viking Cooking School may be the most enjoyable school on earth - even the homework is fun. Laugh and learn while making new girlfriends in this lively interactive lunch. With incredible menus from all over the world, you’re sure to have a blast.

Separate Fee Required

Monday, November 5, 2018

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Separate Fee Required



This is a special day planned for those “non-industry” champions of hardworking operators!  Now there is a fun event for you to enjoy while your “other half” attends the LCT Show sessions throughout the course of a full show day.  This event will be fantastic in every way, including getting to know like-minded people associated with the luxury transportation market while enjoying a famous seaside town and winery.


Start off on Monday with a cup of coffee and a yogurt parfait before boarding a custom bus to spend a wonderful day at Cape May while bonding with other industry spouses and guests.

9:00am: Bus departs from Harrah’s AC front door.

10:30am:  Brunch is served at the Blue Pig Tavern

12:00pm – 1:30pm:  Free time to sightsee and shop in beautiful Cape May (600 Victorian-style shops and eateries in an 8-block radius).

1:45pm:  Depart by bus to Cape May Winery.

2:00pm – 4:00pm:  Winery tour, wine tasting and snacks.

4:00pm:  Depart by bus back to Harrah’s (estimated time of arrival is 5pm)

Price:  $75 per person.  To sign up, click to go to the LCT EAST registration tabMust be registered to attend the LCT EAST show.  One ticket per registrant only.

Group Size:  Seats are limited and reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Inclusions:  Coffee, brunch, 6 pour wine tasting, snacks, great memories and friendships promised, and a commemorative wine glass is yours as a gift!


  • You must be registered as a LCT SHOW attendee or the guest of a registered guest to attend.
  • You must be 21 years of age.


About Historic Cape May, NJ.

Henry Hudson, an English Sea Captain, first documented the peninsula that is now Cape May. It was 1609 and Captain Hudson was sailing his small yacht, the "Half Moon", when he came upon a small peninsula situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay. It wasn't until 1620 that Dutch Captain Cornelius Jacobsen Mey came upon the same peninsula while exploring the Delaware River. Captain Mey named the area Cape Mey after himself; the spelling was later changed to Cape May.

Cape May has catered to visitors since the 1600's when Native American tribes summered here, but a community didn't form in the area until 1685. In 1688, Quakers formed the first government based on strict moral order and Quaker piety. At this time a large whaling industry was beginning and many families from New York and New England, as well as a few original Mayflower families, were migrating to the area. Cape May also became a popular site for pirates and regular sailors alike because of Lake Lily's fresh water, among other things. William Kidd (better known as notorious pirate Captain Kidd) is known to have stopped off in Cape May, NJ during his pirating/privateering days. There are even rumors that Kidd buried his treasure in Cape May prior to his eventual demise at the end of a hangman's noose.

When roads were laid in the late 1700's, the tourism industry of Cape May started to flourish. Two railroads, the Reading and West Jersey, provided service to Cape Island. In 1761 Cape May officially became the first seashore resort in America and was considered among the top vacation resorts in the country. Incidentally, it is said that in the 1800's the Reading & West Jersey weren't the only "railroads" in town. The Underground Railroad, used to transport slaves from Confederate Delaware to Union New Jersey, went through Cape May as well. Rumors in Cape May tell of many homes with long tunnels and secret rooms dating back to the Civil War.

Disaster struck in 1878, when Cape May nearly burned to the ground. The fire wiped out thirty blocks of the early seashore town, including some of the major hotels. The Hotel Alcott survived the fire and is the second oldest operating hotel in Cape May.

The town wasted no time in clearing out the devastation and rebuilding. For the most part, the new buildings that went up were built in the modern style of the day...later known as the Victorian style. This explains the huge concentration of late 19th century dwellings in Cape May today...everything from Gothic Revival to Queen Anne design...all part of the country's Victorian era. These "painted ladies" are known for fancy gables, gingerbread trim, stained glass windows and turrets.

During the Victorian period large hotels dotting the beachfront were the scenes of lavish parties and extravagant dinners, lawn tennis and croquet matches, yachting, fishing and promenading along the beachfront. Cape May became known in the mid-19th century as the "President's Playground." Presidents Lincoln, Grant, Arthur, Buchanan, Hayes, and Benjamin Harrison all vacationed here.

In 1976 Cape May was designated a National Historic Landmark. After the designation, a new revival effort began to protect and create a truly unique town where time seems to stand still. Gas lit streets and horse and buggy rides remain as a true reminder of days gone by. Visitors today are treated to Trolley Rides, Ghost Tours, Home Tours, the famous Sunset Beach, shopping and world class dining in a truly unique historic beachfront community.

(Excerpts of History Courtesy of Cape May Times)

Welcome to the Blue Pig Tavern

Cape May, NJ.


The Blue Big Tavern is the proud winner of the 2018 OpenTable Diner’s Choice Awards.

Tucked in the corner of Congress Hall that fronts on Congress Place and Perry Streets, its name derived from a gambling parlor side in Congress Hall in the 1800s.  Earlier still, in the 1700s Elias Hughes operated a tavern for whalers on this site.  It was the first tavern in Cape May. 


Beloved by locals, there is no better place to enjoy American classics while cozying up to the magnificent dining room fireplace.  Chef Michael Greenstein has implemented a delicious farm-to-table menu featuring fresh produce, herbs and eggs from our very own Beach Plum Farm just 2 miles from the restaurant.


About the Cape May Winery & Vineyard

Cape May Winery has grown over the past two decades to produce some of South Jersey's most distinguished wines. Our vines encompass over four different vineyards, containing over 70 acres, from which we grow and harvest eleven grape varietals. They invite you to come and experience their winery and take in the breathtaking views of the oldest vines in Cape May County. Come and see what makes the Cape May area such a premier grape growing region. From Cape May's sandy soil to mild climate, our grapes have the ideal temperature in which to grow.

The overall wine production includes a variety of whites and reds, ranging from dry to sweet. Their main focus is on the viniferous grapes including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, and Chardonnay. They also feature blended wines, both dry and sweet, which really hit the mark with customers.

Their signature white wine is the Cape May Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, which is fermented and then aged in French Oak for over 16 months. The soft buttery flavors of vanilla ready the palette for a seductive taste, which then finishes crisp with a dry fruitiness that is "shore" to please.

Their goal is to find a wine for each person’s unique palate. Cape May Winery produces over 20 different styles of wine and when you partake in a wine tasting; their professional wine associates guide you to find the perfect match for your drinking preference. Of course, they encourage tasting a variety of wines as your palate changes over time and you may actually enjoy something you might not have before!


Your “Vines to Wines” Tour and Tastings Experience

Times:  1 ½ hours and includes:

-A tour of the production barns and vineyard

-A lesson in "vines to wines" (how they make their wine)

-A 5 pour wine tasting, plus a bonus taste right out of an oak barrel

-A behind the scenes look at our wine-making operation

-A fruit & cheese tray to enjoy

-A souvenir stemmed wine glass to keep as a memory of your experience


*Must be a registered attendee or guest of the LCT EAST Show to be on this tour.  Click here to register!

*Tour will happen rain or shine.

*Even though they are a pet friendly building, pets are not permitted on the tours.

*They cannot accommodate children under 15 on Winery Tours.


Contact Us:

(253) 983-0515

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Rocky Ahmann

“Great to be able to see all of the great people in the industry in one place! Keep up the excellent work LCT!”

-Rocky Ahmann, Director of Sales, Limo Anywhere LLC, Dallas, TX

Bruce Heinrich

“LCT East hit it out of the park. Great networking, events and education. Definitely a can't miss show for Operators looking to learn and grow.”

-Bruce Heinrich, Founder & CEO, LEADER Chauffeur Services, Kansas City, MO

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This was our second year exhibiting at LCT East, and each experience was highly valuable. We made many meaningful connections, and the subsequent business that resulted from each show proved a great ROI as an exhibitor. Thank you for the opportunity!

-Kristen Carroll, CEO, The LMC Group, Manchester, NH

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Douglas Rydbom

“LCT show's always seem amaze me with the education content. Fresh idea's and fresh face's are a plus to the industry.”

-Douglas Rydbom, Sr. Member, Premiere 1 Limousine, Middletown, PA